Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olivia's Austin

This afternoon we went to Olivia's for brunch which was sooooo good! We have been there for dinner before and it was amazing. The brunch was definitely one of the best brunch's I have ever had. We love this restaurant, the atmosphere is great, not too noisy, and great service. The team at Olivia's definitely knows what they're doing. We ordered a cinnamon roll to split which was covered in a cream cheese icing glaze, which I didn't know about until it came to the table, so I picked out the center part! But it was so buttery and rich, I don't think it really needs the glaze. But I guess it wouldn't really be a true cinnamon roll if it didn't have that. Needless to say it was amazing! Then I ordered the Lox plate, which was fantastic. They house smoke the salmon and it was served with 2 pieces of thick sliced home made bread. I could eat this every day if I could. My husband got their version of a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. He said it was amazing, and I munched on his fries which are the perfect consistency of crispy goodness. My mom ordered the Olivia Benedict which she said was great. It had 2 perfectly poached eggs sitting on a bed of braised beef and home made biscuit, topped with perfect hollandaise sauce. She said it was very rich, but definitely one of the best things on the menu.
So once again, a great meal at Olivia's. I would suggest this restaurant to anyone who loves to eat!

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