Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hunting Prize Gala

K.C.'s painting..which should have won!

the main room..decked out

the winning painting...priced at $15K!

cookie tower


peach and raspberry tart

white chocolate raspberry mouse pyramids


sushi station

antipasto station

ice sculpture with raw oysters and ceviche shooters

the ice bar overflowing with shrimp and crab

This weekend we went to Houston for the Hunting Prize Gala. This is the largest monetary art prize in North America and it is held in Houston every year. K.C. was one of 137 finalist and we were keeping our fingers crossed that he won the $50K prize. Sadly, he did not win but we had a pretty good time considering. It took place at this beautiful building and was catered to the nines. There was every type of food you could imagine. In one room there was an ice sculpture holding fresh seafood, in another room were platters upon platters of antipasto, in another room there was a Mexican food station with tamales and an Asian pot sticker station, in another room were sushi chefs making all types of sushi fresh to order and finally in the other room was a beef carving station and a huge dessert table that was out of this world! The tables were decorated with the most gorgeous floral centerpieces, which we got to take home at the end of the night! So, we didn't leave there empty handed after all. The crowd was very bougie, there were top executives there from oil companies dropping close to 20 grand on paintings! It was definitely an interesting experience to say the least and I hope that K.C. is a finalist every year just so we can get some more of that amazing free food. Oh and I hope that he wins next time! :)

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