Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pics from our yard

So, I have a few non food related pictures I would like to share. I snapped some amazing pictures of these gorgeous butterflies and moths that hang out right outside the window of my office. They love to snack on the tree that's in our neighbors yard. I'm not sure the name of the tree but it has really pretty lilac flowers and the bees and butterflies seem to love it.
Then I got some pics of our land of the lost garden in the back yard, the basil and cilantro are loving this heat. And the watermelon plant grows like 6 feet a day. It has taken over the entire flower bed. But I am hoping to get some juicy watermelons out of it!
And then yesterday my Dad and Ann were here and helped re-do the landscaping in the front yard which was really exciting. We can barely move today but it was all worth it! It looks fantastic and I couldn't have done it without them!


  1. Love the house and yard! Mazel Tov again on your home! I also love the new look of snc189! Pretty In Pink.

  2. Thanks! can't wait for you guys to see it in person!