Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

yellowtail roll with crispy shallots and avocado

spicy tuna roll

pork belly

beef on hot rock

lubina with almonds and grapes

yellowtail with yucca chips

baby octopus lollipops

My husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Thursday. We went to Uchi here in Austin. We went there last year for our 2nd anniversary and we loved it. So, we thought why not make it a tradition. Its not the type of place we would eat on a regular basis because its a little on the expensive side for us. But its perfect for special occasions. The food is like Japanese tapas. So, the plates are small and its best if you order a lot of different things so you can try as much as possible. Everything we have tried is fantastic and the service is amazing. The waiters are all so nice and knowledgeable about the food. So let me take you through a list of what we ordered...we got baby octopus lollipops, which sound weird, but they are so good. They are kind of sweet and smoky flavored because they are cooked on a grill. And simply served with a flavored sea salt. Then we ordered the yellowtail with yucca chips, raisins, and marcona almonds. Its such a great combination. Then we got the Japanese fish called lubina which was served with grapes and almonds. This dish was phenomenal, perfectly balanced flavors of smoky fish with sweet grapes. Then we had the pork belly which was our favorite dish of the night. It was served with watermelon radishes, kumquats, and Thai chili's. I just don't know how anyone could not like pork belly, especially when its served like this. Then we shared a couple of sushi rolls and we got Japanese beef that you cook on a hot rock. This was our least favorite, but not because it didn't taste good it was just not as good as all the other awesome dishes we had.
We got one dish of yellowtail and Thai chili's complimentary because it took them a while to bring out one of our courses. Which I have to say was pretty awesome. Then they made a special dessert for us because I couldn't eat any of their desserts on the menu (they were all dairy desserts). They made two different sorbets one of grape and some kind of Japanese fruit and then the other was pea and mint which was very interesting.
The best surprise of the whole night was when they brought us our bill and it was just a note that said Happy Anniversary from my uncle and aunt and cousins as well as my mom! We couldn't have asked for a better end to such a special day.

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